8 ways to balance tech during Mercury Retrograde

If Halloween didn't terrify you, try adding the unnerving energy of Mercury entering retrograde. 

This year, the beginning of the final retrograde of 2019 happens to fall on the spooky holiday and that means things may get even more chaotic than expected. And since Mercury is known to rule communications, a lot of the haywire causing misunderstandings, mishaps and misfortunes may happen during this period -- and that can also apply to your technology. 

However, if you do experience any sort of technological malfunction during this period, don't fret. There are plenty of ways to practice tech-life balance and enhance your life in the process. 

Take a look at some of the best ways to wind down during Mercury retrograde, according to Google's Digital Wellbeing:

How to balance tech during Mercury retrograde
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How to balance tech during Mercury retrograde
Do Not Disturb: Don’t be tempted to reach for your device when notifications or messages roll in. Simply tap Do Not Disturb in your Quick Settings to hide all notifications. Pixel users can also simply Flip to Shh -- literally turn your phone face down to snooze notifications.
Prioritize Your Inbox: Free yourself from scrolling through hundreds of emails with Gmail priority notifications. This will limit the number of email alerts your receive and only alert you when it is absolutely essential! You can also turn off your work profile completely when you’re done for the day. 
Wind Down Before Bed: Wind Down on Android reminds you to switch off at night by setting a bedtime schedule for your phone. Grayscale changes the screen to black and white, and Do Not Disturb silences notifications to help you get a good night's sleep. You can also set up a Bedtime Routine on your Nest Home--set an alarm, dim the lights, lower your music, get tomorrow’s weather and catch some Zzzs. You can also reduce the temptation to check your phone at night by charging it away from the bed.
Out of Site Out of Mind: To maximize your ability to focus on a task or conversation, try putting your device out of your line of site or beyond arm’s reach. 
No Tech Zone: Help family members be present with one another, by identifying a location in your home where all devices are kept during family time. You can even go a step further to rearrange furniture so that the TV is not the focus of the living room, for example.
Avoid Multi-Tasking Mishaps: Give yourself blocks of time during which you are only working on one task.
Go Analog!: Find replacements for some of the activities you currently rely on tech for to help give yourself a break from tech in your daily routine.  For instance, subscribe to the paper version of newspapers or magazines, or keep a collection of cookbooks close at hand in the kitchen.
App Timers: If you want to limit the time you spend using certain apps or websites, you can set daily timers. When the timer runs out, the app or website is paused for the rest of the day.

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