28 Friendsgiving recipes to make for a crowd


Friendsgiving is the casual version of Thanksgiving, like the cupcake to a cake, the wings to a full roast chicken or the French fries to roasted potatoes. It's still delicious, but a lot less work and a lot more fun.

Celebrating the holiday and giving thanks with friends doesn’t have to be a full sit down dinner. There are no prescribed Friendsgiving rules or old traditions to follow, so say goodbye to your grandma's famous Jell-o salad!. You have the ability to make the holiday your own. Make it a potluck party, serve small apps or try more modern takes on classic Thanksgiving dishes.

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For example, rather than a full roast turkey, make this slow-roasted herbed turkey breast—it will taste just as good in much less time. Instead of a sweet potatoes casserole, make individual baked sweet potatoes so everyone gets a hearty helping of the marshmallow topping. And, for dessert, swap traditional pumpkin and pecan pies for apple pie sundaes with crispy cheddar pie bits (or make both, because pie is undoubtedly delicious).

Below, check out our round up of Friendsgiving recipes you can make for a crowd or just a few. (And don't forget, when dinner is over, you can keep the fun flowing with a few of our favorite card and board games.)