15 celebrity eyebrow transformations that prove eyebrows can change a face

Absolutely no judgment if you took part in the pencil-thin eyebrow trend of the late 90s, early 2000s -- we did too. 

Today, we're coveting Cara Delevingne's bold brows, but back then, overplucked, arched brows were all the rage. Even JLo, Angelina and Drew were guilty of the trend! And who could forget Gwen's infamous brows? 

Celebrity eyebrow transformations
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Celebrity eyebrow transformations
Gwen Stefani in 1996
Gwen Stefani in 2017 
Leighton Meester in 2007
Leighton Meester in 2017, 10 years later
Lauren Conrad in 2004
Lauren Conrad in 2017 
Jennifer Lawrence in 2008
Jennifer Lawrence in 2017
Angelina Jolie in 1999
Angelina Jolie in 2017
Kerry Washington in 2004
Kerry Washington in 2017
Jessica Alba in 2000
Jessica Alba in 2017
Jennifer Lopez in 1999
Jennifer Lopez attends in 2017
Courteney Cox in 1999
Courtney Cox in 2015
Drew Barrymore in 2002
Drew Barrymore in 2017
Victoria Beckham in 2002
Victoria Beckham in 2016
Olivia Wilde in 2004
Olivia Wilde in 2017
Jessica Biel in 1998
Jessica Biel in 2017
Sarah Michelle Gellar in 1997
Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2017
Nicole Richie in 2002
Nicole Richie in 2017

Over time, they dropped the tweezers and instead headed to their local threading or waxing salon down the street. We, too, learned how to use our brow shape to accentuate our features, and learned the art of pencils to fill in what we lacked.

If you've ever overdone it with the tweezers, these transformations will give you hope. Scroll through above to see some incredible brow evolutions.

Biggest celeb hair transformations
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Biggest celeb hair transformations
Margot Robbie in 2016

Margot Robbie this winter


"Margot’s hair gives her a modern interpretation of ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour. A much more linear line shows off her bone structure and the richer blonde brings out her beautiful blue eyes. The focus here is all cheek bones and eyes: Sleek, polished, beautiful."

Khloe Kardashian in 2015

Khloe Kardashian in 2017


"This gives Khloe a more sophisticated look. It’s strong with an edge but is still long enough to be sexy. The move away from the paler beige blond towards a more golden blonde softens the look and adds dimension complimenting her skin tone: Elegant and sophisticated."

Lucy Hale in 2011

Lucy Hale in 2018


"The change in Lucy Hale’s hair has taken her from a ‘sweet girl’ look to a sexier, edgier look. The shorter hair makes those beautiful eyes the star attraction.  The dark, rich color gives the look it’s strength whilst the textured ends give it its softness: Sexy, strong with edge."

Rachel McAdams in 2012

Rachel McAdams in 2016


"Rachel’s new look accentuates her neck line and the softness around the face, her cheekbones. This length makes her hair look fuller, more robust and the color is a warmer, golden tone. The warmer blond compliments her skin tone: Strong but still fun and flirty."

Bella Hadid in 2016

Bella Hadid in 2017


"The move away from long all one length gives more interest to Bella’s look and the center part allows the shorter style to frame her features perfectly. The rich brunette color works well for her skin tone and makes her eye color really pop: Classically beautiful."

Jenna Dewan in 2007

Jenna Dewan in 2018


"This length on Jenna is a real statement length. No hiding behind hair here, it really opens up her face. Her check bones prominently come to the fore and the deep, lush, rich brunette color intensifies her amazing green eyes. Sultry and stunning." 

Kim Kardashian in 2012

Kim Kardashian this summer


"Ever the hair chameleon, this look really compliments her jaw line, elongates her neck and accentuates her cheek bones. The rich color compliments her eye color perfectly because of the way it frames her face. The dichotomy of the deep, dark brown hair next to the whites of her eyes, makes the caramel in her eyes stand out: Rich, lustrous and bold." 


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