This woman hasn't cut her hair in over 35 years

My Beauty Obsession showcases the extreme ways in which people strive to be beautiful. From a mother who has used a corset to achieve her 18-inch waist to a woman who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Melania Trump, the stories are endless.

Asha Mandela made the decision to grow out her hair 36 years ago as a way to set herself apart. Now, no one can compete with Mandela, who holds a world record for her hair length.

"I lived in New York and I just wanted to do something different, especially crossing over to spiritual..." she explained. "The spirits told me how they wanted me to change up my lifestyle."

Her locks soon "took a life of its own."

"I had no idea it was going to grow this long," Mandela continued about the special bond, mentioning that her longest lock is 110 feet. "The relationship I have with my hair is like a mother with her baby and I couldn't imagine life without it."

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