This is the most popular Halloween candy in the U.S.

Everyone has a favorite Halloween candy, but a new survey shows that one type reigns supreme in the U.S. The most popular Halloween candy of 2019 is... M&M's.

The survey conducted by RetailMeNot shows that M&M's beat out last year's winner, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, for the top spot, but only by a one percent margin. Close behind, KitKit came in third place, followed by Snickers in fourth, candy corn in fifth and Skittles in sixth. 

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While you might think of M&M's as the classic chocolate-coated candy pieces, the brand is constantly coming out with new flavors. For the fall season, M&M's launched new limited-edition bags including M&M's Halloween Cocoa Crisp (available exclusively at Target), M&M's Pecan Pie, M&M's White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie, M&M's Ghoul Mix, and the winner of M&M's 2019 flavor contest, M&M's English Toffee Peanut.

While all of the new flavors most likely helped M&M's case for first place, we think that the most shocking results of the survey are that candy corn beat out Skittles, even with the new Zombie Skittles hitting shelves. What's up with that, America?

You can shop all of M&M's delicious seasonal and year-round flavors in the slideshow above.

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