Little boy with cerebral palsy wins Halloween with "Up" inspired costume


One little boy has already won Halloween with his adorable "Up" inspired costume.

Little Brantley Morse, who has cerebral palsy, is celebrating the holiday by dressing up as Carl Fredricksen from the hit Pixar film. According to a now-viral post by Akron Children's Hospital, the two-year-old has made amazing strides since being born at only 24 weeks, with stage 3 kidney disease and chronic lung disease, but he's ready for his first holiday.

Complete with balloons, Carl's sweater, signature glasses and bowtie, Brantley has quickly melted hearts across the internet.

The toddler's mom revealed to outlets that he spent the first nine months of his life in the NICU, followed by 10 surgeries, but he's "always able to put a smile on his face and others."

"We wanted to do something that would incorporate Brantley’s medical equipment, while spreading hope and positivity to anyone and everyone, especially those with special needs or disabilities," said mom Brittany to Inside Edition.

She continued, “I mean the pictures say it all. He was a complete goofball when we got him dressed in his costume, plus, I think he really loves all the attention and people going crazy over him.”

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