Family under fire for Halloween decoration showing beheaded babies: 'Crosses a line'


One Utah family is under fire for their Halloween decorations, which are being called "distasteful" and "going way too far" by some of their unhappy neighbors. According to reports, Brigham City has received many complaints regarding Julie Bawden's front lawn, which features a bloody guillotine decapitating baby dolls. In front of the guillotine is a bloody basket filled with decapitated dolls' heads.

Bawden said that the family enjoys coming together each year to brainstorm decorations for their lawn. "My children are involved with this 100 percent," said Julie Bawden to KUTV. "I'm not sure why they can't just let us have a good time and be creative. It's Halloween, it's supposed to be spooky and fun."

Bawden has posted a video of the decorations to her Facebook page, where it's received some compliments from commenters.

"What crosses a line for me is violence towards babies or children," said a neighbor who asked to be just identified as Kaycie, to KUTV. "Totally unacceptable in my book. There's too much of that that goes on in the real world; we hear about it on the news all the time."

Echoed another neighbor Claudia Perry: "How far are they going to go? Where are we going to stop? The babies out there and that kind of thing, that's going way too far."

Despite the complaints to the city and visits to the Badwden's home, City Attorney Michael Christiansen says that city intervention is not required.

"It's distasteful to some, but it's not rising to the level of a public nuisance under city code," he said.