Pregnant Shawn Johnson squeezes into leotard from 2008 Olympics while 40 weeks pregnant: 'Fits a little different these days'

Shawn Johnson is counting down the days until her baby arrives with a throwback to her Olympic days.

The gold medalist gymnast, who is 40 weeks pregnant with her first child, posted a photo of herself in her leotard from the 2008 Olympic Games. Though she still managed to squeeze into the costume, the 27-year-old shared that she couldn't wait for the baby to "get here already."

"Fits a little different these days 😂" she joked about the costume, while explaining that it was a dare from her husband. "@andrewdeast dared me too hahah 40 weeks preggers. But no joke... this babes is already more rewarding than any medal was. BABY! GET HERE ALREADY" she wrote, much to the amusement of her followers.

"I'm impressed you can still wear that. You looks fabulous," wrote one follower. Said another, "Dang I am super impressed! My husbands sweats barely fit me at 40 weeks."

Johnson has regularly been taking to Instagram to share her pregnancy journey with her followers since announcing that she was expecting last spring. "Baby East, we can’t wait to meet you and pray for your safe delivery and arrival into our arms," she wrote this month, referring to the miscarriage she experienced in 2017.

“When I found out I was [pregnant], it was the greatest moment in the world because it was basically God’s miracle of, ‘Yes, you’ve hurt your body for so many years, but this can still happen,’” she said about the experience back in 2018. “I had these guilty feelings of if, ‘I can’t even take care of child for a week in my stomach, I can’t raise a child on my own,’ ” she says. “I felt guilty to Andrew that I had lost his child, and I felt guilty to God that I lost his child.”

Johnson continued at the time: “It was just this super emotional time. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I’ve never felt such loss like that, and I didn’t know how that was possible.”