Bride's brother reveals cruel motive for including scarred cousin in bridal party


A man was "totally disgusted" to find out the reason his sister asked their cousin to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

The alleged story, posted by Reddit user BritishChewbacca, explains that the man's cousin, who he said has permanent scars on her face, was asked to participate in the wedding simply to make the bride and her other bridesmaids look better by comparison.

In the viral post, which has now been shared to multiple different forums, BritishChewbacca says that his sister is "not a very nice person."

"She's very entitled and spoiled, and is honestly just kind of a bully. She was known for it at school, and it definitely hasn't stopped in her adult life. She's also getting married soon, oh joy," the post reads.

BritishChewbacca goes on to describe how he heard about the alleged reason for the invite, which came from a conversation at his parents' house. The sister, whom he didn't name, listed out her six bridesmaids — including their half-sister, four friends and their cousin.

The post said BritishChewbacca was shocked to hear the cousin's name included in that list.

"[Our cousin is] a really awesome person and everything, but I didn't think she and my sister were close. In fact, I didn't think she and my sister had even spoken for at least a year or two," the post reads. "Turns out I was right. Seeing mum and I were confused, sister laughed a bit and said "imagine how pretty we'll look in pictures with her!"

According to the post, the cousin's scars came from a childhood accident, and BritishChewbacca described it as something she's still sensitive about. He ends the post by asking whether or not he should tell his cousin about the reason behind the invite.

"I don't want to upset her or make her feel [bad], but I'm also totally disgusted (though not surprised) by my sister and hate the idea of my cousin being in the bridal party while the rest of them are all laughing about her behind her back," the post reads. "However, I'm scared that if I tell her she'll have [a bad reaction] and she'd inevitably tell my aunt what my sister said, and it would definitely cause family drama."

Plenty of commenters weighed in with advice, giving a range of responses on how to handle the situation.

"If I were your cousin I'd like to know. I get that it might upset her, but it'd be worse if she finds out later on and realizes you knew about it, but didn't stop it," one user commented.

"Mention how much of a bridezilla she will be. You don't have to outright say what she said unless pressed," another suggested.

"You have every right to protect your cousin from your sister's meanness. Your cousin does not need to bear the brunt of your sister and the bridal party's nastiness. However, if you do tell please be gentle and maybe take her out to make her feel better," another person wrote.