Why we're obsessed with the clean beauty brand Winky Lux

Founded in 2015 by Natalie Mackey and Nate Newman, Winky Lux, the beauty brand behind that viral color changing lip balm, has made strides in the clean cosmetics space. Priding itself on being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free, the brand is slowly taking over permanent real estate in our makeup bags.

In The Know visited the Winky Lux NYC offices this fall to get the inside scoop on how the brand came to be!

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CEO and founder Natalie Mackey explained that "the inspiration for Winky Lux was that I personally felt that there was so much room for play and magic that I wanted a brand that looked really beautiful on my shelf and made me feel good when I opened it up, that was also cruelty free, free of all the nasty ingredients I didn’t want in my products. But also had this really sharp price point, so that I never felt guilt when I was buying a little present for myself."

With products wrapped in metallic colors and floral motifs, it's hard not to want to keep every beautifully packaged product out on display. Mackey also gave a shoutout to two of the most beloved Winky Lux items:

"We are best known for our color changing lip balms and our tinted moisturizers with SPF 30. Those are two products that I’m extremely proud of both from a magical fun sense and an efficacy, safety sense."

The director of digital marketing at Winky Lux, Tanya Kulesh, echoed Mackey's message of the brand dreaming up cutting-edge yet trendy products, adding, "my team and I are always trying to find the most innovated ways to optimize and to grow our programs while staying on top of the fastest and latest trends."

With most items retailing for under $30, the brand nails the affordable-beauty-products-with-a-luxury-feel thing. So if you feel like you've been in a bit of a beauty rut these days, you're going to want to head to Winky Lux's website for a cosmetic refresh that you can feel good about.

Plus, you can get 15 percent off your WinkyLux purchase with code 'winkyjoy' when you shop on WinkyLux.com.

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