Health Hacks: How to set yourself up for success


Welcome to Health Hacks with Doctor Mike, a weekly video series to learn the latest tips and tricks to ensure you're as healthy as can be. 

While most of healthcare is focused on removing negative symptoms, doctors' checkups and the occasional pharmacy run, there are ways to help improve your wellbeing and set yourself up for constant prosperity.

Read on to discover Dr. Mike's science-backed tips on how to set yourself up for success! 

1. Your mind doesn't know if what you're imagining is real or not, but it lays down new neuronal pathways to set you up for success in the future. Before taking on a speech or a new challenge, Mike imagines himself doing it and succeeding -- and it works!

2. It's important to step out of your comfort zone enough so that you can become comfortable with being uncomfortable, and thus cultivate growth.

3. Procrastination is good if it's active! Knock off smaller, less important tasks to gain momentum and thus boost your performance.

4. Pre-mortem analysis helps you plan for what could go wrong. By predicting issues that may arise during a situation, you're able to respond to these problems quickly, efficiently and comfortably.