10 best Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube

If you're one of those last-minute-Halloween gals (guilty!) you might find yourself scrambling to put together a costume the day before your friend's party. And while you can totally run to Party City or try to throw together something with clothes you already have, we're big proponents of trying out a really cool makeup look.

Hence, our 10 favorite YouTube Halloween makeup tutorials, below. Some are creepy (be warned, ghostly white eyes await) and some are really pretty -- but all will be the winner at your All-Hallows-Eve bash. Scroll to see our picks!

1. Little Red Riding Hood

This one is creepy and pretty at the same time -- blogger Teni Panosian rocks a gorgeous red lip and pretty eyeshadow, but when she takes off Little Red's hood ... well, we'll let you take a look.

2. Dark Fairy

We love this one so much -- because you feel the whimsy of being a fairy, but you get to have that little edgy darkness, too.

3. Half Skull

Cue the creepy video!! Creepy, but brilliant. Here, you'll see how to create a "half exposed skull" -- and spine. Eek!

4. Pretty Gold Snapchat Filter

Here's a little break from the scary -- everyone's favorite filter on Snapchat! All you need is a glittering gold flower crown and voila.



5. Creepy Doll

This creepy doll look is fairly simple -- make your eyes look huge, and your mouth a little scary ... and there you have it!

6. Harley Quinn

It's apparently going to be one of the most popular costumes this year -- and for good reason, Margot Robbie totally rocked it in Suicide Squad -- so you should rock it, too!

7. Sexy Cat

This one's a classic, don't you think? And it's so much better than just throwing on some cat ears!

8. Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

This makeup looks so cool and complicated -- but honestly, with Shonagh's tutorial,is a breeze to do (and fascinating to watch)! And that's the beauty of makeup -- if you mess up, it's so easy to start again.

9. Vampire

This one is perfect for those who want everyone's eyes on their ... well, eyes. If you're not in the mood to paint and design all over your face, try this awesome tutorial to get a seriously scary vampire glare.

10. Trippy Double-Vision

Saving the best for last! This one takes some serious skill, but if you can pull it off, you're going to win all of the "Best Costume" awards... by a landslide.

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