Tips for Disney World in 2019: A guide to drinking and eating around the world at Epcot


Beer, sake, margaritas, mimosas, champagne — all by 3 PM? Challenge accepted.

You don't need a passport to travel around the world at Epcot in Walt Disney World, and from China to Canada, each country is stocked with delicious foods and drinks from all corners of the earth. The menu is even bigger during the annual Food and Wine Festival, which runs each autumn from late August through November. You can grab your Epcot tickets here.

Save $$ and try more cuisines by eating at the quick-serve kiosks instead of the restaurants. It's pretty difficult to snag group reservations at Epcot's sit-down restaurants, and if you're stuck without one, you'll have to spend a decent amount of time waiting for a table. That's precious time you could spend exploring all the different countries! You'll get way more bang for your buck with the kiosk options.

Where to begin? Mexico, mi hombre! You have your choice of starting on the east or west sides of the park: Canada or Mexico. This year's Food and Wine Festival brought excellent beverage options to both of these countries, but for us, the decision was easy: We had to start the day with Mexico's smokey margarita, which is served with a spicy rock salt rim. (Not a margarita lover? Go for the red wine sangria instead.) You can watch our first taste below.

There are plenty of photo ops, but Germany is a must-snap. The Germany pavilion looks straight out of a classic storybook: With Tudor-style architecture, a clock tower and a vast enough alcohol selection to satisfy everyone's tastes, this is a prime spot for a group photo. Inside the Weinkeller store, you can each sample various types of German wines and beers. But it's not just an excellent beverage stop — we couldn't get enough of the apple strudel.

France is always a fan favorite, so plan to spend the most time there. Unlike some of the other country pavilions, there are mini streets, some more hidden than others, that create a totally immersive experience. Because the area is so popular, you'll probably encounter some long lines at the bakery and ice cream shop. They're worth the wait. The Food and Wine Festival even introduced us to escargot — not bad! (Especially when paired with a frozen martini.)

Picky eaters will be happiest with selections inside the Italy and America pavilions, which are right next to each other. The less adventurous travelers within your group (there's always at least one) will want to spend a bit longer in Italy and America, where the dishes are more of your standard fare. Italy is also one of the best stops for dessert and champagne. You won't want to skip the quick-service Gelati kiosk for gelato sandwiched between soft chocolate chip cookies.

By the way, if you're going to hop on the thrill rides, do them before you start your crawl. There's a lot of food and alcohol to be consumed at Epcot, and you're not going to want any of it in your stomach before boarding Test Track. The other major attraction is Mission: Space, a motion simulator ride that also will not peacefully coexist with beer. (Currently under construction is a "Guardians of the Galaxy"-themed roller coaster, but it's not expected to open until 2021, so no need to worry about that quite yet.) The rides are situated near the park entrance, so it's easy to check them off the list before heading into the World Showcase.

Staying the night? Some Walt Disney World hotels have water taxis that can cruise you right back to your bed after a long day at Epcot. The Yacht Club Resort and its sister property, the Beach Club Resort, are both stunning 4-star hotels for your big trip.