Meghan Markle goes viral for awkward hug moment at One Young World summit


The Duchess of Sussex stepped out on Tuesday evening in London to attend the One Young World summit, an organization that the royal has been part of for five years. Partnering with The Queen's Commonwealth Trust, it acts as a forum for young leaders around the world to drive discussions and positive change surrounding today's biggest global issues.

The mom-of-one's outing, her first public appearance since the Sussexes' emotional interview aired Sunday night in the United Kingdom, was met with smiles and applause from the 2,000 attendees at the organization's opening ceremony.

Not even a slight curtsy mishap could leave the duchess phased.

Meghan was welcomed to the stage by event organizer and friend Kate Robertson, who respectfully greeted the duchess with a curtsy. At the same time, however, the royal attempted to hug Robertson, making for quite the awkward, albeit heartwarming, video.

The video, which shows the duchess refusing the curtsy, has since gone viral. Many were quick to call out Meghan's sweetly informal response to her friend's greeting.

"Even her hug was full of love and warmth. I just love everything about Meghan." tweeted one royal fan. Said another, "This makes me cry. There so much happening here."

The duchess has previously attended the forum in 2014 in Dublin and in 2016 in Ottowa.

“When I was asked to be a Counsellor at One Young World my response was a resounding 'yes’" she said about her involvement with the organization. "One Young World invites young adults from all over the world who are actively working to transform the socio-political landscape by being the greater good. They are delegates who are speaking out against human rights violations, environmental crises, gender equality issues, discrimination and injustice. They are the change.”