Dog's drastic haircut sends owner's young son into a tailspin


One very skeptical little boy had an adorable temper tantrum after his formerly shaggy pup returned from the groomer's looking all cleaned up with a much shorter haircut.

Courtney Birdsong, a mother of two from Texas, shared footage of her young son, Beau, reacting to their family dog Oliver's new 'do — which was apparently so drastic, it had the child doubting the dog's identity entirely.

"Beau, what's wrong?" Birdsong asks her crying son in the clip.

"That puppy is in our house!" the boy sobs. "That's not our puppy!"

"It's not?" Birdsong asks Beau.

"It's not!" he howls, adding that the shaven pup was a "bad dog."

"That's Oliver," the chucking mother assures her son, a claim which the teary-eyed child refuses over and over.

Thankfully, as social media reveals, Beau and Oliver eventually made amends and are back to being the very best of pals.