Bride wearing $500 see-through bubble turns heads at 10th anniversary celebration

A woman in Africa has gone viral with a dramatic look she rocked during her and her husband's 10th wedding anniversary celebration.

Reverence Oruerio, a 35-year-old event planner and designer, and her husband, 57-year-old Joseph Efoma-Oruerio, recently celebrated a decade of happy marriage by throwing an elaborate party with their family and friends in Warri, Nigeria.

In stunning footage taken at the event, Oruerio can be seen gleefully dancing into the ceremony rocking a gorgeous white gown and floral crown, while completely encased by a giant bubble.

Talk about a show-stopping entrance!

Not to burst the bride's bubble, Oruerio's husband and other guests can be seen maintaining a safe distance from the see-through sphere as they dance alongside her.

Oruerio said she purchased the giant inflatable balloon, similar to those used in the former sporting-fad "zorbing," from an online retailer based in Dubai for a whopping $500, according to reports.

"The idea came from watching my kids playing in the pool with a balloon," she said. "I started thinking of how a bride could make an entrance into her wedding in a balloon."

And apparently, the imaginative look went over extremely well with her guests.

"They screamed so much with excitement," she recalled. "It was the highlight of the event."

See more photos of the outfit: