Father captures son's unexpected act after child reels in his biggest catch ever


Adorable footage of a 10-year-old Florida boy reeling in and releasing his personal-record catch is making waves online.

Ke'mari Cooper, a pintsize outdoor enthusiast from Quincy, Fla., was fishing with his father on Sunday when he reeled in a 7.1-pound bass — the largest he's ever caught — using a lucky "black trick worm" lure.

The young fisherman's father, Velt Cooper, recorded his son as he carefully brought the fish to shore, encouraging and cheering him on the entire time.

In the viral video, Ke'mari is clearly elated with the size of the bass the moment he lays eyes on it — and his father confirms the boy's hopes are a reality when he weighs the catch right before his eyes.

"Is this your personal best?" Cooper can be heard egging his son on before showing Ke'mari the screen of his hand-held scale, revealing its impressive weight.

The excited child lets out a scream and dances around the yard, but after the celebration, Ke'mari returns straight to the water's edge to send the fish back off with a heartfelt goodbye.

"Let's put this beauty back in the water, my personal best," Ke'mari says adoringly. "I hope you grow even bigger, baby."

"One day we'll meet back again," he adds, stroking the fish before allowing it to swim away.

The boy posted footage of both his catch and release on his personal YouTube channel, where they have since racked up over 65,000 views combined.

A clip of the video was later shared on Twitter, where it has since been viewed an astounding 13.5M views.

Twitter users have since showered Ke'mari with praise over his gentle handling of the fish and expressed excitement over the young fisherman's future.

"Oh man, brings tears to my eyes this kiddo's wisdom and kindness," one man wrote.

"I couldn't love this child more if I had given birth to him myself," commented another woman. "What a ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim day. Thanks little buddy. I hope you grow up to do great things."

Even Angie Thomas, author of New York Times No. 1 bestseller "The Hate U Give," shared the video, calling Ke'Mari's fishing adventure "a book waiting to happen."