Runner helps those with disabilities complete marathons

Welcome to Good People, a weekly video series that profiles individuals in our community who are helping others through selfless acts of kindness and generosity, with the goal of bettering the lives of those in need.

Peter Kline's mission is to run for those who can't.

As the founder of "Marathons With Meaning," Kline has completed over 60 marathons, all while helping disabled athletes compete. The 66-year-old has run with rider-athletes spanning many ages and various disabilities, from those with less severe cerebral palsy to those in more critical conditions.

"I decided maybe I'd put my running to a better use than just running for myself," Kline explained to AOL Lifestyle. "One of the greatest joys they get out of it is the ability to participate and feel normal."

Kline and his runner-athlete take turns talking to each other and motivating each other as they run, thus building a shared sense of responsibility throughout the race.

"I would like to be able to do this to 95. I think I can. I'll do it 'til I die," he concluded about the rewarding experience.

See more of his incredible work in the video above!