Get 2 lbs of fresh lobster roll ingredients from Maine shipped to your doorstep overnight

If you're a seafood lover, you've probably had some pretty fresh catches, but have you ever had ocean to table food? Well, that is exactly what you'll get when you order a lobster roll kit from The Clam Shack, located in Kennebunkport, Maine!

The tiny shack, which consistently has a line out the door of people waiting to place an order, is known for their incredible seafood. As one of the first food establishments to cook their lobsters in the seawater that they're picked from their hand-picked, freshly-caught lobster is hard to beat. But if you're not heading up to Maine anytime soon, you can still experience The Clam Shack's incredible lobster roll, thanks to their make your own kit.

These kits are available in both one pound and two pound options, for $85 and $155, respectively, and each box is fully stocked with everything you need from a lemon, butter from Maine, mayonnaise, homemade rolls and a recipe card, along with the fresh, handpicked lobster meat. Both kits are available for purchase over the phone (click here for more!) and are guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep fresh the very next day.

If you have been craving some fresh seafood or want an excuse to have friends over for an unforgettable meal, you're going to want to order a kit to two ASAP. Watch the video above to more details on these delicious kits!

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