Little girl has the most heartwarming moment with adoptive mother in viral video: 'My heart fell in love with you!'


A little girl has captured hearts across the nation after she expressed her love for her adoptive parents in a viral video.

In the clip, the child, whom outlets have identified as Gabby, says she was just four years old when her parents met her and her younger sister Lily.

"Lily was still a baby, and I was four years old," Gabby excitedly tells her mother. "I got so big, and Lilly was still a baby. And when the time you see her, she just was one years old. And when the time you see me, I was four years old!"

A heartwarming exchange ensues just moments later.

"We were very excited to meet you and our daddy," Gabby candidly says. "And we love you guys, and we want to be here for you and daddy."

In response, the mother, who is seemingly taken aback, can't help but convey her appreciation for her daughter's kind words.

"And we were very excited to meet you too!" the mother says. "And Lily!"

Not one to be outdone, Gabby then takes her adorableness up a notch.

"Do you know what happened to my heart?" she asks her mother. "Well, when the first time I told you — when I saw you — my heart fell in love with you!"

Stunned, the mother says the same to the little girl.

"Aw, my heart fell in love with you too!" the mother says.

Since multiple outlets shared the video, thousands of people have commented with words of support. On People's Facebook page, for instance, the clip has been liked more than 169,000 times and received over 9,500 responses as of Thursday afternoon.

"She gets an award for all the cuteness," one person wrote. "That is so sweet how she expressed her love to her adopted parents. May her heart never change."

"How freaking adorable is she?" another wrote. "I loved waking up to this sweet clip this morning. Thank you to all the parents who adopt, look at these amazing babies you are raising!!"