Emirates serves only one brand of champagne to their first class passengers


Emirates is consistently ranked as one of the best airlines in the world.

From its exclusive flight attendant program to its luxurious first-class amenities, the Dubai-based airline has garnered a very deserving reputation within the industry since it was the first airline to introduce private suites on commercial planes back in 2003. Their commitment to excellence reverberates from its first-class cabin and all the way to economy, consistently setting the standard for air travel.

It's a commitment that the enterprise has continued to invest in since its inception in 1985 for all of its passengers, regardless of cabin, and extends far beyond into the airline's food and beverage service, which the brand prides itself on. Since 2006, Emirates has invested over $700 million on its wine program alone, offering over 200 wines annually that are sourced from around the world. The company's wine cellar in Burgundy, France stores an impressive 7 million bottles, some of which will won't be opened until 2035.

Champagne is the most popular choice of alcoholic beverages for its first-class and business passengers -- an impressive feat considering passengers who fly Emirates are offered over 30 spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs in addition to a cocktail menu with 12 mixed drinks, when flying. Despite the expansive beverage list, however, there is only one kind of champagne offered to its Emirates' first-class travelers. And it's the best of the best.

Dom Perignon.

"Dom Pérignon in a glass immediately stands out in almost every way," explained Rich Buchanan, Senior Brand Education Manager at Moët Hennessy North America. "On the nose, you have those beguiling aromas of toasty brioche bread, intense dried citrus, and a hard-to-pinpoint dark minerality. The aromas of Dom Pérignon, to my nose, are the most fascinating in the world of champagne."

It's a quality that cannot be replicated, nor tasted, in any other brand:

"When you taste Dom Pérignon, it’s a multidimensional sensation. The tiny bubbles provide texture and an energy to the wine. The harmony and the contrasts of the structure of the Pinot Noir and the high-tone notes of Chardonnay add to this almost multi-dimensional aspect of the wine. It can be bright and fruity. It can have minerality and salinity," Buchanan continued.

The "longstanding" relationship between airline and Moët, producer of Dom Perignon, began over 25 years ago, added Stephen Towler, Emirates Senior Beverage Advisor. "We have a like-minded partner in the brand, who also strives to bring the dining experience to life and help elevate the rarity and richness of their product."

No matter if you're planning an upcoming trip on an Emirates flight or are looking to expand your palate, Buchanan has become one of our go-to sources for all things bubbly. The expert's number one tip when purchasing champagne is to ensure they're actually purchasing a bottle from France.

"The fact that there is an official region in the northeast of France that has some of the most strict rules and standards for making wine makes champagne truly unique in the world of wine," he said. "Each champagne house has a different style of wine, so that might be my second suggestion: find a house that produces a style of champagne that you enjoy."

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