Father with terminal cancer writes 19 birthday notes for 1-year-old daughter before dying

A Taiwanese father who had terminal cancer wrote 19 birthday notes to his 1-year-old daughter before his death, his partner revealed in an emotional Facebook post on Sunday.

Bella Chu, a native of Tainan who currently lives in Beijing, shared her late partner's touching gesture in a Facebook group, according to a rough translation of the post from NextShark.

The unidentified father had apparently been suffering from liver cancer and knew that his time was limited. In an effort to posthumously connect with his daughter, he wrote 19 letters in May 2006, one for every birthday she would have until 2025. Chu's daughter was born in January 2005.

Photo: Facebook

Chu wrote that she initially kept the letters to herself because she wanted to wait until her daughter, who is now in her third year of junior high school, was of age. The woman said she never once thought about opening her late partner's letters.

"Your father, who passed away too early, left these words for you," Chu addressed her daughter in the post. "I hope that you’ll use your heart to listen to what he wanted to say."

Since Sunday, the woman's post has received more than 12,000 reactions.

"This made me burst into tears," one Facebook user admitted.

"I think it’s the kind of love that’s always around, regardless of time and space," another wrote.