We tried 6 fast food hot chocolates—here’s the winner

We tried 6 fast food hot chocolates—here’s the winner

You could say that I’m pretty serious about my hot chocolate. I like a classic cup of cocoa, but I’m always open to new variations (hello, frozen hot chocolate!). And if I’m tight on time, I’ll even opt for a packet—I don’t mind! If you prefer homemade hot chocolate, try these delicious hacks to make it as scrumptious as can be.

But if I’m being truthful, the best hot chocolate is one that I don’t have to make at all. I’m talking about a steaming cup of cocoa from a cafe. There’s just something extra special about a fancy version topped with fresh whipped cream and maybe a nice chocolate drizzle. That’s why I put six fast food restaurants to the test to find the best cocoa for when you’re on the run or when you just don’t feel like making a cup from scratch. I visited these chains:

  • Caribou Coffee

  • Corner Bakery Cafe

  • Dunkin’

  • McDonald’s

  • Panera

  • Starbucks

Ready to see how they stacked up?

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