There's now a Lisa Frank decorated penthouse — here's how to book your stay

In its true meaning, nostalgia is that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you think of a happy moment or period from your past. Whether you stumble upon a toy that used to bring you joy or hear a song you associate with a rather special memory, all of those old, yet still positive, feelings seem to find their way back to you.

To help recall all the feels, there's now a Lisa Frank decorated penthouse located in Los Angeles, California and its available for booking on

You probably remember Lisa Frank as the name behind the brightly-colored school supplies and stickers you begged your mom for in the '90s. The Lisa Frank Flat, available only for a limited time, features the brand's signature animal prints and rainbow hues — no detail was spared.

Guests can sleep on Lisa Frank bedding decorated with colorful hearts under a light-up canopy, write notes to friends in neon gel pens, have a bite to eat from the minibar stocked with snacks from the '90s (like Fun Dip, Gushers, Pixy Stix and Little Hugs Fruit Drink Barrels!) and kick back in specialty x Lisa Frank sleepwear.

You can book your stay at the Lisa Frank Flat through (here) starting Oct. 11 through Oct. 27 and have the most nostalgic time of your life. Check out more of the limited-time space (including the kitchen cabinets stocked with Lisa Frank stuffed animals) in the gallery below.