Celebrity stylist Brad Goreski swears by this $5 secret to avoiding a trip to the dry cleaners

Celebrity stylist and 'Fashion Police' co-host Brad Goreski knows a thing or two about tried and true fashion rules -- and when to break them.

The most overrated style rule in Goreski's opinion? Say hello to your white jeans again this September:

“My style rule to live by is that you can definitley wear white after Labor Day. That’s why winter white was invented, so that you can wear white in the winter! Get yourself a white boot, get yourself an all-white look, get yourself a white coat. Also black and navy go together, just FYI! It’s a really chic combo.”

Though some rules of aestheticism are wildly outdated (see: the above), others can be difficult to navigate, like figuring out whether to send something to the dry cleaners just because it's pricy and feels delicate or whether to just throw it in the wash:

"I sent out some dress shirts while I was on vacation to get dry cleaned and [the dry cleaners] told me you should at least be washing and hanging these and not necessarily dry cleaning them because it’s not so great for the fabric and not so good for cotton blend. [But] when you’re getting into the silkier, satin range you probably want to have those dealt with professionally, leathers and suedes as well.

I hate taking things to my dry cleaners — full disclosure, I have four shirts in the back of my car that I think I’ve had in there for three months and my dry cleaners is only five minutes from my house!”

Goreski's solution to the everyday clothes that fall somewhere in the in-between? Spritzing dirty items with the one product he swears by to get his clothes feeling and looking fresh without having to pop them in the washing machine.

"I’m on the go because I travel so much and I am one of those people that does the sniff test — I’ll fully say it! I reach into my laundry hamper and I’ll pull something out and see if it’s ok. With Febreze Clothing Odor Eliminator, what’s really great is that it takes three spritzes on the front, three spritzes on the back and you’re ready to go so you don’t have to wash, you don’t have to dry clean and you get more wears in between each treatment or wash. That’s not only great for me but it’s also really good when I have sample come in — it’s been so useful in my [personal] life and in my work life as well."

Pick up Goreski's secret weapon below:

And when it comes to rewearing staple items, there's one item that you can guarantee is going nowhere near Goreski's washing machine anytime soon:

“Jeans! I do not like washing my jeans. I also buy a lot of vintage denim so I like to get them to a place where I know they’re going to fit, I buy them smaller so that I can stretch them out. The first few weeks are touch and go and there’s a little spillage — you know what I mean! But then they get to that perfect spot so I don’t want to necessarily throw them in the washer and the dryer and get them shrunk back down again.”

This notion of reusing and rewearing staple items over and over is a strong nod to the sustainability movement happening across the fashion industry, Gorseki shares:

"I think the push towards more sustainable fashion and already using what we already have and making other things out of it is incredible ... some of the vegan products are made out of pineapple and made out of recycled rubber. I got them a couple of seasons ago, but [I own] these sweatshirts from Everlane [ReNew] that are made out of recyclable plastic bottles and I’m obsessed with them! The feel is so good, they’re great colors, they’re warm and cozy, they’re an incredible fit.”

Shop the cozy sweatshirts from Everlane ReNew here:

And if you're looking to cut back on shopping and reuse items this season, Goreski's go-to fall look for this year is one we can all put together with pieces we already own:

"A boot, a flowy dress and a chunky, heavy knit over it is what I’m loving. Belt that up too and since in your waist a little bit, I’m just loving that vibe lately — which is kind of not usually the vibe I go towards but I’m very interested in this 1970s bohemian thing that’s happening right now. Deep wines, and burgundies and forest greens and mustard yellows — we do everything to kind of make fall happen in LA so I guess that’s what I’m maybe doing!”