This man converted a school bus into a luxury tiny home to travel the US

No Place Like Home profiles people who swapped the conventionalities of modern living for nomadic, off the grid homes and lifestyles. Each episode looks at some of the most interesting places that people across the country call home — from vans to sailboats! 

During college, Michael Fuehrer felt that something was missing from his life, and that was travel. So, he packed up and drove out west in his sedan, and during the cross-country journey, he realized that life on the road was his calling. Today, he lives in a converted school bus, equipped with all the necessary space and luxuries he needs!

Learn more on this episode of "No Place Like Home."

Michael Fuehrer on Instagram @navigationnowhere
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Michael Fuehrer on Instagram @navigationnowhere
Summer nights on the bus are the best. There is nothing like watching the sunset through those bus windows.
Being away from the bus is always weird but, I started a new adventure for a few weeks with @theskoolie and @vliterving. I’ll be helping on some projects up in Canada and road tripping back to Navi with Dean.
Tonight, I am headed off the bus and getting on a plane. It’s never fun leaving home, but the bus is in good hands. For the next few weeks, I’ll be traveling through Canada visiting some old friends and road tripping back to the bus with another friend. Adventure is always around the corner.
Here is a throwback photo from the first trip in my bus three years ago. At this time, I had 7 people living on board traveling west. Definitely a memory I will never forget. I always enjoy looking through old photos of where the bus has taken me over the years. To more adventures!
Something about a bus just feels right to me.
Oatmeal with an apple for breakfast. I have to say, my kitchen is my favorite part of my bus. If you want to see what I love about my kitchen and what I would change, check the link in my bio for the kitchen tour video.
Honest question to everyone who has build anything they are passionate about. Who else forgets to stop and eat lunch/dinner or food in general? Every time I get going on a bus project, I always forget to sit down and eat! Lunch is over and now it’s back to work.
Alrighty, the bus is all ready to go. Tomorrow morning, I am heading out to start on the next bus project. I always like to give the bus a good clean up before any new projects start. Best way to start something new is on the right foot.
Hey Everyone! First off - I want to thank all of you for your patience while I took care of some background life things and got future plans in order! Second thing - I have so many fun projects, adventures, and news to share over the next few months with you. First thing on the agenda is that I am teaming up with JT from @roadrootsupfitters for a 4 week bus build. Super excited to take you all along for the journey!
3 years ago, when I built my bus, I never would have thought that I would love designing and building buses. I mean, I rode in one everyday to school for 18 years and the thought never crossed my mind. Now, it’s my home and my life. I would encourage anyone to think about living alternatively. It doesn’t have to be a bus but I would suggest one.
Getting ready to head out for the next project and adventure. Since I have been stationary for the past two months, I have not really been on top of restocking supplies and food. Time to fill the fridge and head out!
My dad was on my bus for a while traveling to Florida and eventually Daytona. During that time, I starting drinking coffee with him. I have never been a coffee drinker so, I am not sure if I’ll be buying more grinds once these run out. Still undecided over here.
Years ago, I would brush the snow off my car to go to work. Now, I brush the snow off my school bus to go on an adventure. The bus takes a lot longer to clean off but I believe it was a worth while trade.
Putting up blankets or thicker curtains are one of the best ways to combat the single pane bus windows. Those windows can really be a heat sucker if you don’t block them off. Till warmer days!
A few weeks ago, my friends Daniel and Rachel from the @banana.van.adventures moved onto my school bus and traveled to the Florida Keys with me. While we were together, I got an opportunity to see Daniels custom woodworking. He makes custom cutting boards, knife racks and pour over coffee makers in his van. I wanted to say thank you for giving me a cutting board guys! Also, I love supporting other people I meet on the road, so if anyone wants to check out Daniels woodworking, I put a link on my bio.
Come home for Christmas they said... it would be warm they said. Liars. I am so thankful that I am able to visit my family for the holidays. Sometimes traveling full-time makes it hard to predict where you will be certain times of the year. But, regardless of how cold it is, it’s always nice to be home for the holidays.
I live life everyday with a smile on my face no matter what happens. Family and friends might have said I was crazy at first but I just told them that even if my bus breaks down, I lose my income, or I stop traveling (never happening). It was not a waste of time, I am building my resume to become a school bus driver. Come on, I would be a kick ^%* school bus driver.
I am not at my parents house to help decorate the family Christmas tree like the old days. However, I can decorate my own tree while remembering my family traditions. I am thankful I have family traditions to practice and remember. Traditions can be an important grounding while living such a transit lifestyle. Sorry Mom and Dad that I am not around to decorate the tree with you, but know I am decorating my home as you decorate yours.
The bus can sometimes be a quiet place. However, this photo was taken a few days ago. Today.... I have 7 people living on my bus. Let’s just say it doesn’t look anything like this right now.
Headed south! It’s feel good to be back behind the wheel and headed down the road. I am realizing I might need to lose the jacket pretty soon...
If anyone looking into tiny living thinks that less things = less mess. Your wrong. less things + less space = less stuff it takes to make a mess. I tend to be a little bit of a neat freak. (Ask anyone who has lived with me... it’s a problem haha) The bright side is that no matter how big of a mess... it can only be 180 square ft!

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