11 foods you should never try to cook in an Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is arguably the greatest kitchen appliance of all time. Anyone who doesn’t believe that can fight me … except for world champion boxer/kitchen appliance pitchman George Foreman.

The reason the electronic multi-cooker is so popular is because of its versatility, enabling you to use it as everything from a rice cooker to a yogurt maker to a pressure cooker. One slight hiccup: It doesn’t cook everything perfectly.

So how do you know what to throw in the Instant Pot and what to prepare elsewhere? You have to ask the experts. That’s why we rounded up a handful of people who have cooked tons of meals in it and developed recipes for the fancy countertop device. We’ve asked them the same question: What foods would you never put in an Instant Pot?

This is what they told us.

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