Man infuriates his fiancée with sneaky refrigerator hack

A husband-to-be in England has seemingly angered his future wife with a nifty gadget he installed in their refrigerator to keep her from stealing his snacks.

Stacey Lowe took to social media last week to share photos of a "Lockabox" safe her fiancé, Dave Williams, installed in their refrigerator without her knowledge. Inside the box — which is perfectly see-through, to add insult to injury — sits a perfectly wrapped Cadbury Oreo chocolate bar, just waiting to be eaten. 

The reason for the extra level of security? Apparently, Lowe had been eating her significant other's chocolate without his consent.

"So this is what it has come too [sic]!" Lowe captioned a photo of the safe on Facebook. "You buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up and this happens!"

"Anyone want him?" Lowe ended her comical post. "Surely this is breakup material right?!"

The future bride's post has since been shared upwards of 60,000 times and racked up nearly 114,000 comments, ranging from amused to infuriated. 

"I'd burn the house down," one person commented, while another vowed they would take a bat and "smash that s*** wide open."

The safe brand itself even took to Facebook to weigh in on the viral pics.

"The time has come ... where Lockabox must take responsibility, we hold our hands up and admit we are the company behind this "Fridge Safe," it wrote Tuesday. "It looks like Stacey's (future) husband has taken matters into his own hands by securing away his chocolate treats, choosing to keep them safe and secure in plain sight! Only for himself to access....What a tease!"

"We appreciate this very honest account and feedback on our best selling product," it added. 

So, how does Lowe plan to actually deal with her husband's strategy?  

"Think I need to invest in one for myself now 2 can play that game!" she shared. 

For anyone else worried about the safety of their snacks, you can get your own "Lockabox" here

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