This easy ice cube hack will remove all the wrinkles from your clothes

A crisp, lightly starched, freshly pressed shirt may not be the centerpiece of a particularly stunning ensemble. But a wrinkled, crumpled, ragged shirt can make an otherwise dapper outfit look like a paint-plastered pair of overalls. With most clothes, ironing makes a world of difference. 

But ironing also comes with, well, a labor requirement. There are no auto-irons, and that’s probably for the best. But there is an easy way to enjoy the same crisp results with a fraction of the effort and no iron at all. All you need is some wrinkled clothes, a dryer, and some ice cubes. We bet you didn’t know these mind-blowing facts about doing laundry, either.

These cleaning hacks will change your life
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These cleaning hacks will change your life

Dryer balls are the ultimate way to fight static 

Not only are dryer balls the perfect way to incorporate scents into your laundry (we love Grove's Sleep Essential Oil Blend!), but they're also incredibly effective at fighting static. 

According to Alex Crane, a product development lead at Grove, you can either attach one or two safety pins to your wool dryer balls or roll up aluminum foil to include alongside the dryer balls in your dryer. They both act as a lightning rod to help reduce the electricity building up in the dryer. 

The perfect bathtub cleaner 

Spray Grove’s Tub & Tile Cleaner on top of Bon Ami and let the mixture sit for three to five minutes to make tub cleaning easier. The miracle ingredients packed in Bon Ami act as a gentle yet effective abrasive to make your tub looking spankin' new.  

Use soaked cotton balls to block odors

Even if you think you're pretty responsible about taking out the trash, there's only so much that can be done about the pervading odors. To help mask these foul smells, Crane suggests soaking a few cotton balls in your favorite essential oils and tossing them at the bottom of your trash can. 

Use a cheesecloth to polish sterling silver 

Chu-Min Lee, who also oversees product development at Grove, let us in on one of the company's favorite and most versatile products: Cheesecloths.

Not only are the washable cloths perfect for polishing sterling silver without leaving scratches or marks, they can protect plants from getting cold, says Lee. 

Grove's customers also use the cloths as a strainer, baking, to steep tea, for cooking and for crafts.

Shop our favorite cheesecloths here.

Get rid of stains with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide might be the miracle solution you've been looking for. It's a great eraser when it comes to stains, but only on white clothing! 

Lemon juice also works as a great natural bleaching agent. Lay clothing doused in lemon juice outside in the sun, which will help speed up the stain-removal process. 

The best way to clean your enamel cast iron

Enamel cast irons are notoriously difficult to clean, but baking soda is a convenient and time-saving solution for the cookware. Simply mix the baking soda, which acts as an abrasive, with water, and you've got yourself an all natural and homemade solution. 

Use this homemade concoction to ward off ants 

According to Crane, peppermint oil is a great and natural way to keep those persistent ants away. Mix in 15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil with water into a 16-ounce spray bottle, and spray on surfaces where those ants are prone to showing up. 

Ants apparently hate the smell of the plant, which many say has been effective for bug control. 

Make an all-natural vegetable cleaner

Mix one part white vinegar and three parts water to create an all natural, homemade vegetable cleaner. Vinegar acts as an effective way to rid vegetables and other produce of harmful bacteria. Water helps dilute the solution, so the vinegar doesn't affect the taste of the produce! 


Take a few articles of clothing—preferably of the lighter variety (dress-shirt or t-shirts)—and four or five ice cubes. Toss them in your dryer. (This can be done with a pair of pants and a shirt, but don’t go overboard with the heavier clothing and do not load the dryer to capacity.) Close it shut and crank it to the highest heat setting. Now, let the dryer run its course for about ten to 15 minutes. “This works as a great alternative to ironing a shirt, as the ice cube creates a steam within the dryer that helps remove the wrinkles from the clothing,” explains Susan Harris, the owner of Rooted Mama Health.

How does this work? Well, the blasting heat will melt the ice cubes and then evaporate the water, turning your dryer into a steamer—and your wrinkled shirt into something that resembles one fresh from the cleaners. Just be sure to brush up on these ways not to ruin your clothes in the laundry first.

While this is a handy tip, there are a few little details that allow it to work as well as possible, Harris points out. “This works best if you are only attempting to remove wrinkles from one or two pieces of clothing,” she warns. “If the dryer is too full, then it won’t work very well.” So it’s not so much a method to de-wrinkle your entire wardrobe at once, but more of a special treatment for a favorite garment you absolutely want to be wrinkle-free.

If the article of clothing is extremely wrinkled, Harris offers another slight variation on this tip. “You can also use a damp hand towel instead of ice cubes to allow there to be even more steam,” she suggests. Either way, you avoid the ironing chore! Once you give this a try, dive into these other cleaning hacks that professional house cleaners use themselves.

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