How many miles do you have left when your gas light comes on?

There are few things more stressful than that moment when your gas light comes on. 

It's a feeling that hits with a sense of urgency — no matter what you're doing, now you have to stop and look for a gas station — but it also comes with some mystery: How many miles can you really go when your car is on empty?  

Of course, there's no one answer to that question. Your car's range on empty can vary pretty dramatically based on the make, the model and the year it was manufactured. 

That's where this handy chart from Your Mechanic comes in. The table, shared in a post on the company's website, lists America's 50 most popular models, based on purchasing data from 2015. 

According to the chart, you could have anywhere between 25 and 114 miles to go when that low fuel light comes on. And some brands are seemingly more conservative than others: For example, Hyundais tend to warn drivers with just 30 to 40 miles left, while Nissan vehicles often topped the 100-mile mark. 

The list is by no means comprehensive, and Your Mechanic also warns that mileage can vary based on how you drive and where you're driving. Still, it's a helpful tool for managing the stress next time that warning comes on in the car. 

15 most reliable car brands of 2018
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15 most reliable car brands of 2018

1. Lexus

Problems per 100 vehicles: 99

2. Porsche

Problems per 100 vehicles: 100

3. Buick

Problems per 100 vehicles: 116

4. Infiniti

Problems per 100 vehicles: 120

5. Kia

Problems per 100 vehicles: 120

TIED-6. Chevrolet

Problems per 100 vehicles: 124

TIED-6. Hyundai

Problems per 100 vehicles: 124


Problems per 100 vehicles: 127

TIED-7. Toyota

Problems per 100 vehicles: 127

TIED-8. Lincoln

Problems per 100 vehicles: 133

TIED-8. Nissan

Problems per 100 vehicles: 133

9. Honda

Problems per 100 vehicles: 140

10. Audi

Problems per 100 vehicles: 141

11. Mazda

Problems per 100 vehicles: 144

12. Mercedes-Benz

Problems per 100 vehicles: 147


If you do happen to run out of gas, though, it's worth it to always be prepared. Keeping a portable, emergency gas can in your car is an easy way to make sure you never get stranded on the road. 

It's also a good idea to keep a car toolkit in your vehicle at all times. These kits come with everything from wrenches and tire gauges to electric tape and miniature flashlights — and can cost less than $20.  

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