Drink water anywhere using this innovative water bottle

Madison Tenenbaum

Meet the fastest, most versatile water purifier in the world. In only seconds, the Geopress makes 24oz of clean, purified drinking water — anywhere in the world! Designed for international travel and outdoor adventures, it provides complete protection by removing viruses and bacteria and filtering chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics.

Instead of buying bottled water, simply scoop up the water, press down, and voilà! In a matter of seconds, you'll have clean drinking water. The Geopress allows anyone to safely drink from public bathrooms, sketchy hotel sinks, or murky rivers.

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It's perfect for travelers, adventure junkies, survivalists, backpackers, hikers, campers, fly fisherman, and anyone living in countries who have on-the-go lifestyles that demand hydration. Simply going off the abundance of five-star reviews on Amazon, the convenience, efficiency and complete effectiveness of the Geopress seems to be unmatched by any other water purifier or filter. It even comes in three colors — orange, black, and white.

It's perfectly sized, allowing you to easily clip, pack, or carry it with you wherever you go. For $89.95, you'll be self-reliant, and just seconds away from making clean drinking water, anywhere.

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