Meghan Markle's style transformation

Meghan Markle was the most-googled celebrity in 2016, and there's no question as to why. The brunette beauty had just been confirmed to be dating Britain's most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, in November, and the entire world wanted to know everything about her.

She's gorgeous and stylish, and much like the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, her style has changed a lot since she became a royal girlfriend.

As an actress, philanthropist, founder of a lifestyle site and UN Women's Advocate (amongst other accolades) Meghan's not exactly new to the spotlight. She currently stars on the legal drama Suits and is well known for her role as Rachel Zane, but surely couldn't have been prepared for the global fame her relationship would catapult her to.

But let's be real, can anyone be ready for that?

Meghan was born on August 4th, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Born to mother Doria (a yoga instructor and clinical therapist) and father Thomas (an Emmy Award-winning director of photography), she spent many early years on set with her dad. She has always had activism in her blood, and wrote a letter to first lady Hillary Clinton when she was only 11, because she felt a soap ad she'd seen implied that women belonged in the kitchen. She also wrote to the soap manufacturer, Gloria Allred and Linda Ellerbee.

Those letters subsequently got the advertisement changed, and Markle says that moment of her childhood sparked something in her and, "reshaped [her] notion of what is possible."

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When she graduated from Northwestern University in 2003, she worked as a freelance calligrapher in between acting jobs. She held roles on television series like Fringe, 90210, General Hospital and Without a Trace, and films Remember Me and Horrible Bosses. She landed her role on Suits in 2011.

Her fashion sense has evolved quite a bit through the years. She loved both the babydoll and bandage dress trends in the mid-2000's -- who didn't?! -- and rocked a classic chunky necklace on more than one occasion. She's kept her hair fairly the same through the years, often wearing it down in long soft waves.

We can only imagine what Markle's continued place in the spotlight will do for her work and her passions -- and (selfishly for us) her style. Click through above to see her fashion transformation.

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