These best-selling noise canceling headphones have nearly 10,000 reviews on Amazon -- and cost $60 Editors

It seems that every day, technology companies shell out new headphones that promise to change your life, but only if you're willing to pay an arm and a leg. And while most of us can't put a price on the plethora of benefits that come with noise-canceling headphones, only a few of us are actually willing to empty our bank accounts for it.

In a world where the most popular wireless buds cost a cool $150 per pair, we've begun to accept the fact that we're destined to a life filled with tangled wires and missing earpieces. However, one Amazon find pledges to change our lives for the better -- we've finally joined the wireless headphone club for just $60.

The Cowin E7 noise-canceling headphones are one of the retailer's best-selling -- and it's clear to see why. Whether you're using it to cancel out background noise or to listen to music, it serves various purposes. Plus, it offers Bluetooth, swiveling earpieces and a charge time of 30 hours. Nearly 10,000 Amazon users agree it's more than worth the 60 bucks, whether you're using it for travel or for daily use. Plus, with the back-to-school season right around the corner, it makes for a very practical buy.

"Could not be happier. Can't beat these for the price. Comfy, sound good, user friendly. Only regret is buying only one pair," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "The Cowin E-7 is a beautifully crafted, very comfortable, noise cancelling headphone and the sound quality everything I had hoped for," said another, who commends the product's comfortability even while wearing hearing aids.

Another user even said it's comparable to other brand names and provides excellent value. "This product is on par with big brand names (and I have used several of them including Bose and Dr. Beats for over 6 months)," the user maintains.

The product costs $59 for a black pair of headphones and $69 for headphones in colors such as red, purple and blue.

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