This is the secret to making heavy statement earrings more comfortable

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As a fan of wearing statement earrings, I can say that one major downside is that it can hurt to wear them all day long. Generally heavy, they can weigh down your earlobes and even cause the piercing or the lobe to stretch. But for the sake of looking and feeling like your most stylish self, you don't have to stop wearing your favorite pieces. Instead, you can save your ears with more supportive, specific earring backs for heavy earrings. 

One of my favorite accessories to wear are a pair of long, sparkly beaded tassel earrings by BaubleBar. (Seriously, I bought the same pair in three different colors.) However, the only issue I've had with them is that because they're a bit heavy, they pull down on my ear and halfway through the work day, I have to take them out. Personally, I have a few issues with the saying "beauty is pain," so instead of just dealing with it, I tried a product called Levears.

Levears Earring Lifts are a supportive earring back that lift up the earring so it doesn't droop or pull down on your lobes. They have designated backings for the left and right ears, with a structured curl that you can adjust to your ear.

The first time I tried them, I noticed a huge difference. I could actually wear my earrings all day without them hurting, and they even looked better—the earrings were pulled upright against my earlobe instead of before, drooping down and sometimes showing the pierced hole (so not cute!).

Now, after a few months of using Leavers, I won't wear my heavier earrings without them. They're so much more comfortable and from the back, aren't even noticeable. I can't even tell you how many friends I've recommended them to.

While I wear them mostly with bigger, longer earrings, you can also wear these with studs big and small. They're designed to fit standard-sized earring posts used by most fine jewelry manufacturers, so you can feel confident knowing even your favorite set of diamonds are safe and secure. 

If you're sensitive to certain types of metal or are worried about matching them to your earrings, Levears come in several different types and shades, including sterling silver, gold plated silver, stainless steel, 14K white gold and 14K yellow gold. 

You can find the stainless steel Leavers on Amazon in a 4-pack for $24.99, or two-piece sets of the sterling silver version for $49.99 and the gold plated sterling silver version for $59.99. And I swear, once you try Leavers, you'll never go without them.

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