Wisconsin woman claims contaminated Walmart conditioner caused her to lose clumps of hair

A Wisconsin woman who reportedly lost "clumps" of hair in the shower is blaming allegedly contaminated conditioner she bought at Walmart, according to NBC News

Ashley Rose Robinson, 21, purchased a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume conditioner on Sunday. She later used the product in the shower and noticed a strange smell, according to a post on her Facebook page

After rewashing her hair because of the smell, Robinson said, large "clumps" of hair came out in her hands. 

“I put my hands in my hair and my hair started coming out,” Robinson told NBC News. “I started screaming and crying.”

She later went to the emergency room after experiencing what she thought might be chemical burns

"My scalp started burning really bad," Robinson told NBC News. "They checked me and they said it was very red and irritated."

Robinson and her mother, Taffy Jo Timms, said they believe someone may have mixed Nair, a hair removal product, into the shampoo. Robinson's Facebook post urged people to "check your bottles wherever you get them." 

"My only intentions for sharing is to prevent it from happening to anyone else," she said in the post.

Robinson added more Facebook posts in the following days, eventually sharing that she decided to shave her head rather than deal with the continued hair loss.

Friends created a GoFundMe page for Robinson, with a fundraising goal of $5,000. The money is to help pay for a wig, medical care and legal fees, according to the page

Both Pantene and Walmart said they are taking the claims seriously, and are currently investigating the incident. 

"We are aware and concerned by this post, however the consumer involved hasn’t directly contacted us yet, so at this time we have limited information," a spokesperson for Pantene told NBC News. "We have reached out to gain more information because the safety of our products is our top priority. We will share more information as we learn more about this unusual experience."

Walmart said in a statement to Today Style that it has also reached out to Robinson for more information and is waiting for her response. 

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