This is what happens when lightning strikes a plane

So you’re on a flight and lightning strikes! What happens now? While lightning isn’t going to hit every single flight you’re on, its still not as uncommon as you think. It's expected that every aircraft gets struck once or twice every couple of years.

According to Lonely Planet, planes are engineered with a science that allows them to withstand lightning strikes and keep passengers safe. Older aircrafts are secured with a type of metal that makes it so once lightning hits, it doesn’t harm the plane.

Wrote the publication, "Essentially, with metal around the outside, and reinforced by a specially engineered mesh material within the skin of the plane, the lightning passes harmlessly around you and continues on its electrifying way to wherever it’s going."

Plus, the shielding around more sensitive areas of the plane like fuel tanks and electrical system offers extra protection.

Alternatively, newer aircrafts use what is called Electrically Conductive Expanded Metal Foil, or carbon fibre reinforced plastic, which is part of the material layers used to make the outer skin of the plane. Consequently, the current from a strike merely "passes" through the wrapped tube, through the wings and leave the plane.

h/t Lonely Planet

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