How to protect chlorine from damaging your hair this summer, according to a celebrity hairstylist

Not only does summer wreak havoc on our skin (sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen), but the summer isn't great for our hair, either.  We hate to break it to you, but the afternoons spent at the beach and in the pool are probably killing your precious locks.

A big part of the damage comes from the sun itself: UVA radiation has been found to damage hair pigmentation and result in color loss, while UVB radiation is specifically responsible for the loss of keratin protein. The damage can be evident in everything from discoloration to split ends, brittle and fragile roots to thinning.

It's not just the sun, however, that's causing the ruination to your hair: Chlorine may be another reason for your frail strands. "Chlorine is one [factor] that can cause dry hair and also affect the color of your hair," explains celebrity hairstylist Joel Warren to AOL Lifestyle. 

While hats and protective sprays may be particularly useful in protecting your locks from this kind of destruction, there is a "simple solution" to preventing such breakage in the summer -- and it is Joel Warren-approved. 

"I recommend taking a spray bottle with clean water, add a little conditioner and drench your hair before going into a pool," he advises. "Hair is like fabric and absorbs liquid. With the clean water and conditioner, it will not absorb the pool's chlorinated water."

Warren suggests the Goldwell Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner for pool days, noting that it was specifically created for color-treated hair, but it "cleanses gently" and works to "reduce color fading and protects the scalp."

Also a staple in the Hollywood stylist's beach bag? The Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize Rebalancing Scalp Foundation, which preps your hair for any kind of pool day by "moisturizing the scalp for a stronger, natural protective layer."

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Biggest celeb hair transformations
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