The US state that eats the most ice cream is not all that surprising


The month of July officially marks National Ice Cream Month, and as Ronald Reagan officially declared in 1984, it calls on people of the U.S. to celebrate with "appropriate ceremonies and activities." One example of such activities: Eating ice cream. And one U.S. state eats more ice cream than all the rest.

According to Grubhub, a food delivery service and app that analyzed its ice cream ordering trends, Wisconsin has ordered the most ice cream so far in 2019. It's followed by Massachusetts, then Colorado, New York and finally, New Mexico.

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Considering that Wisconsin has been called "America's Dairyland," its rank is not all that surprising. Even as U.S. dairy farms struggle to survive with rising tariffs and low dairy prices, the state continues to be one of the top dairy producers in the country with approximately 7,700 dairy farms (the most in any state ) and 1.28 million cows.

As for the most popular ice cream flavors, Grubhub revealed coffee, caramel and chocolate chip snagged the top spots in the Midwest. But in the Northeast and Western regions, mint chip reigned supreme, and in the South, Americans preferred birthday cake and Oreo ice cream flavors.

For some of our favorite homemade ice cream recipes, check out the gallery below: