Stay cool in the heatwave with these products

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The summer is heating up! Quite literally, actually. 

Much of the central and east coast will be scorched by a heatwave this week. Toss in unbearable humidity levels, and the +100 degree weather makes for a very cozy weekend indoors. 

In preparation for this weekend's heatwave, we've scoured the internet for the best products to not just help us survive the blistering temperatures, but how to stay comfortable in them, too! Grab your water bottles, lather on your sunscreen and get shopping. 

There are plenty of ways to stay cool this summer without cranking up the A/C and sending your electricity bill through the roof! From a personal airconditioner beloved by Amazon lovers to a cooling mattress protector and a Quiet Mark-awarded fan, here's how to stay comfortable as the temperatures climb.

Heatwaves don't just wreak havoc on our electricity bills; they wreak havoc on our skin, too! We've scoured the internet for the best products to keep our skin hydrated, plump and not full of sweaty makeup -- here's what we found!

Hydration Hacks: How to Drink More Water, Delightfully
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Hydration Hacks: How to Drink More Water, Delightfully

Learn 7 delicious new ways to stay hydrated!

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Keep the Flow Going

The temperature's rising, and so is our thirst -- but we’ll admit that unglamorous H2O often takes a backseat to cold brews and ice-cream treats. Science backs those extra trips to the cooler, though, as even mild dehydration can interfere with brain function and mood. Stay happily hydrated with these creative reasons to keep your glass at least half full. A garnish is the oldest trick in the book, but think beyond lemons and limes. Cucumber makes for a refreshing savory swap.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Cubic Formula

An icy accent makes plain water look good enough to drink. From fruit and flowers to leafy greens, the options are endless -- and the refills will be too. Get the Celery Ice Cubes How-To

Image Credit: Diane Fields

Coconut Case

Hailed as nature’s sports drink, coconut water will replenish your electrolytes along with your thirst. Try it in an ice pop or gelatin shot, or sip it straight from the fruit. Get the Coconut Water How-To

Image Credit: Emily Kate Roemer

Bang for Your Bite

Choosing foods with a high water content -- such as cucumbers, watermelons, and luscious summer tomatoes -- is a tasty approach to hydration. This mouthwatering salad uses all three. Get the Watermelon and Tomato Salad with Basil Oil Recipe

Image Credit: Christopher Baker

Drink Your Veggies

Still hungry? Find satisfaction in a bowl of ice-cold soup (yes, soup). It’s called gazpacho, and we love all kinds: classic tomato, its golden cousin, and even savory-sweet watermelon or peach. Get the Golden Gazpacho Recipe

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Swig on a Stick

Water is still water, even if you consume it in solid form. See more fan-favorite ice pops right this way. Get the Fruit Salad Ice Pops Recipe

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Flush with a Rush

While you shouldn’t rely on coffee or tea as a water replacement, new research indicates that these drinks do not, in fact, cause dehydration. One more case for your cold-brew habit. See More Iced Coffee and Tea Recipes

Image Credit: Anna Williams


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