People on Amazon are obsessed with this $158 air conditioner

We have a love/hate relationship with summer. While we do love sippin' rosé on rooftops and living our best lives on the beach, we don't love trying to fall asleep when it's blistering hot outside.

We have a solution for you. People on Amazon cannot stop *obsessing* over this Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner -- and it'll only set you back a mere $158. We think that's a small price to pay cool down your room on those hot summer nights.

And especially as much of the country is expecting a blistering heatwave over the next few days, this product has never come at a better time.

This mini A/C unit promises to cool down rooms up to 150 square feet and has a low-power startup mode, meaning you're living lavishly while saving A LOT of money on your electric bill. It has nearly 2,9000 positive customer reviews, most of which are overwhelmingly positive!

If you don't believe us, check out these reviews below:

“It's been in the 80s and I've used it every night for two weeks. I only need to turn it on a half hour before I sleep and the room is very comfortable,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “If I put in on Low Cool and number 4 to 5 it keeps the room at a steady 71 degrees all night!”

One reviewer called it "one of my best investments." Another reviewer said: "Great little unit. Fits perfectly in my floor to ceiling 17" wide windows. I don't need to use any of the hardware for the AC, just the top brace and weather stripping that's included in the package. I can not sleep through and entire night with the unit set to High Cool and maximum setting of 7. It's just too cold. Works perfectly on Low Cool, Setting 7. Just what I needed!"