My Unique House: This house is decked out in mind-blowing psychedelic prints

Welcome to My Unique House, a weekly video series that profiles the most unconventional homes around the country and their equally interesting owners. Check back next week for another wild story, from a mermaid-inspired bungalow, an old airplane transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad and an entire house dedicated to cats.

Psychedelic art, neon ornaments and 70s-inspired decor are what you'll find in this couple's "House of Sarcasm." And while the house's bold aesthetic doesn't necessarily match its title, it works for Christine and Charles Claringbold.

The couple was on the hunt for a home that could accommodate their lifestyles as parents and bandmembers, which may seem like a difficult feat. Their list of requirements, which included a basement and a fenced-in yard, brought them to their forever home, which they've since decked out with their own unique style. 

Christine herself is behind all the artwork in the master bedroom, turning its original and bland off-white walls into a room embellished with hallucinatory drawings and patterns. A hand-drawn rainbow mandala expands the ceiling of the couple's bedroom, which has since become the inspiration for the rest of the house, complete with black-light accents.

The rest of the Claringbold's unique home features a neon yellow kitchen with a ceiling made of hanging psychadelic coffee cups (part of Christine's collection of 500!), a neon-lit basement where their band can record and a backyard filled with hammocks and more psychedlic trinkets. 

Watch the video above to see more of their unique home! 

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Psychedelic Home in Mukilteo, Washington
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Psychedelic Home in Mukilteo, Washington

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