My Unconventional Life: Meet the real-life Tarzan who grew up with tigers and lions!

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Kody Antle's life seems straight out of a Disney movie. With an elephant as a babysitter, tiger cubs in his backyard and chimpanzees swinging around his house, it's safe to say that Antle is the real-life Tarzan! 

"Growing up, I realized my life is unique, really because what I wanted and other kids wanted was so different," Antle explained to AOL Lifestyle. "I always just had a deeper connection to animals and I just wanted to be naked running around with tigers!" 

Meet the real-life Tarzan, Kody Antle
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Meet the real-life Tarzan, Kody Antle
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"Communication with the animals really starts from birth," he said of his relationship with the animals. Building a relationship with the wild animals takes time, but "they will actually show you a side of themselves that you didn't know existed," whether it's their intelligence or a unique personality trait. 

"He may be the only person in the world living like this," said his father, who shares with Kody a passion for wildlife. Check out more of the Antles and their work in the video above! 

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