5 popular dog breeds to think twice about, according to a vet

When you decide on the type of dog you want, there's really no holding you back: You're flying to Scotland to pick up your golden retriever from its "ancestral home." But if you're on the fence, you may be questioning: do certain breeds live longer? Are some harder to care for than others? Will this breed cost me more money? No, you're not a villain for having these thoughts. It just means you're a thoughtful future pet owner.

So, which popular breeds should you be watching out for? We checked in with New York City veterinarian Dr. Katja Lang, DVM (aka @doctorkibble), who explained that it's not totally black or white. Instead, "You should think twice (or thrice) before you say 'yup to the pup'!" Why? Because certain breeds often require more care and more costs. Here are the five popular dog breeds that Dr. Lang warns people should be extra careful about before bringing home.

We know: It's nearly impossible to look at those adorable faces and read the scary descriptions. But, as Lang told us, "If you have done your research and still decide this is the breed for you, then I say go for it, because you might get lucky with a healthy little pup! And always: The best thing you can do is either #adoptdontshop or go to a highly qualified breeder."