You can now buy a home on Amazon starting for as low as $5,000

Justin Chan

Amazon, one of the world's largest online marketplaces, sells a seemingly infinite variety of goods — from books to appliances. Their offerings also, apparently, include homes.

For as little as $5,350, customers who aren't satisfied with their current living situation (or just want another home for fun) can buy building kits for tiny cabins. Oh, and don't worry: depending on the home they choose, shipping is free.

The Lillevilla Escape, for instance, is a 113-square-foot cabin made entirely of spruce and takes two adults about a full day to assemble. According to its description on Amazon, the house is "large enough to create extra space for your hobby, garden or pool tools and supplies."

"It can also become your home office, lake house, guest cottage, yoga studio, retail kiosk, or simply a retreat in your backyard," it adds.

The construction of the home doesn't require a lot of tools, but the cabin also doesn't come with what an ordinary house would have, such as roof shingles and (more importantly) a foundation.

"For year round use, added insulation is recommended," Luoman, the Finnish manufacturer behind the absurdly small cabin, advises. "In most climate zones floor and roof insulation will be enough."

So far, the reviews of the cabin have been average — and questionable.

"3 star due to the fact that I farted once and blew the roof off," one person hilariously wrote. "Also they only sent me enough popsicle sticks for the outside walls.. I had to buy so many extra popsicles just to get extra sticks."

Shop other Amazon favorites in preparation for Prime Day:

Other customers have been a little bit more honest in their assessment.

"This is the most cost effective housing option while the main house is being built and will be used as guest house," another wrote. "It's a better option for us than a camper/yurt/tiny house/tent and it's nice to have Nordic imports in the states."

Should customers want slightly larger homes to relax in, more-spacious cabins on Amazon can cost upwards of $60,000.

As crazy as it sounds, millennials are increasingly moving into tiny homes as a cost-effective solution to their financial problems, according to

"For millennials with bad credit looking to invest in property, the process of securing a loan is especially dismal," writes Taylor Cenicola. "The lower price point of tiny homes might make it possible for some millennials to buy without the bank's involvement."

These 20-somethings may also desire reducing their carbon footprint and having the freedom to be mobile.

"The ability to get up and go at the drop of a hat –– a new job opportunity, or an acceptance to graduate school, for instance –– makes investing in a tiny home an even better option than getting stuck with a hefty fine for breaking your lease," Cenicola says.

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