Behind the Drag: Meet Miss Toto, the bodybuilding drag queen

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Rock Evans is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor living in Chicago who's challenging the traditional body standards for drag.

"Why is muscle associated with masculinity?" he asks. "There are so many women within the fitness community, the body builder community, that are even more jacked than I am. And I'm like these women are more feminine that I will ever be, even when I'm in drag."

As Miss Toto, Evans believes that being strong actually helps him to be a fiercer drag queen. He points out that it's not everyday you see queens doing backflips or pulling themselves up in the rafters and dropping into the splits.

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Evans was first introduced to drag at a young age — he remembers in the second grade saying that he felt like a girl inside. To him, Miss Toto "is an extension of all of the feminine energy that I envision to be in a person. It's just this vision that I want to put out into the universe. Just creating my own bionic, bodybuilder goddess."

When Evans first began performing drag, however, he said he received pushback from the community.

"When I first started, a lot of people were like, 'Oh, you can't do drag because you have muscles, and you can't do drag because of this.' And I'm like, well, I'm doing drag. So, where's the rules book, because if there is one, show me."

Every day, Evans is helping to change the hyper-masculine world of fitness and hopes to open people's eyes as to what being queer really is. And at the end of the day, it's all about having fun — having fun with yourself and the audience.

"You can do whatever you want as a drag performer, because it's your creative outlet, not anybody else's."

Miss Toto on Instagram
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Miss Toto on Instagram
bodybuilder barbie 💪🏾🏋🏾‍♀️💞 #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO 📸 photo by @allseeingmedia
DRAGCON DAY 3 LOOK ✨ shot by @gayletter & hair by @myron.morgan 💇🏾‍♀️ #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO ♥️💪🏾✨
little latin boy in drag, why are you crying? ✨ too wong foo cosplay with @willam for @theonlyalaska5000’s DRAG QUEEN OF THE YEAR PAGEANT 👑 #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO 💜💪🏾✨ dress by @jeffreyjerfay
MISS TOTO’S FUN HOUSE 🎪 thank you @wynwoodpride for everything! this festival was beyond incredible and everyone involved in miss toto’s fun house and wynwood pride in general all killed it! this was the most major thing i’ve ever done and i am still in awe 🥺 JUST WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR! #WYNWOODPRIDE #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO photos by my love, @honest_henry 📸
had the pleasure of covering @sashavelour’s instagram story for SMOKE + MIRRORS LA and it was an absolute delight ✨ #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO 💓💪🏾✨ - gown by @plastiquepussey - hair by @myron.morgan - photo by @ajjordanphoto
real HOTGIRL shit 🐎 @theestallion 💥 - look by @caseyyalater - unit by @raywigs #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO
hello my name is miss toto and welcome to the rainforest cafe 🌸🦎💐 photo by @lad_of_leisure for @queen.chicago 🌷 #IMIMLOVEWITHMISSTOTO
CITY GIRLS, FROM THE 305!! i’m back in miami and will be hosting and performing at FLAUNT IT! presented by me & @thisfreelife ⚡️ this is a one night only special so come see me while you can! #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO #THEHOUSE
HAPPY MIAMI BEACH PRIDE WEEKEND 🏳️‍🌈♥️ - TONIGHT - PLAY: PAJAMA presented by @thisfreelife from 10 - 3 at @1306miami 🔥 - SATURDAY - catch me on the main stage on south beach at 7:45 then off to lincoln road for shows with the legendary @adoradrag ‘til 10! - SUNDAY - i’ll be in the parade with @citibike and then at @thestandard with some shows with the dolls and my good sus, @rify_royalty! if you see me, get me a water and a sugar free red bull because mama will be NEEDING IT! #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO #planebusnosleepanotherclub #TOTOWORLDTOUR photo by @allseeingmedia wig from @raywigs
I’M SO COLD I’M DRIPPING ICE SICKLES ✨🥶✨ i can’t wait to legit throw down in the ring tomorrow at CHOKE HOLE: THE FREEZENING!! make sure you snag your tickets now because this is NOT the event to miss 😅 i’ll post some hilights from last year to my story! TICKET LINK IN BIO 🎟
CHOKE HOLE: THE FREEZENING 🤼‍♀️❄️🤼‍♀️ NEW ORLEANS, i’ll be in you on saturday for choke hole pt. 2 so make sure you get your tickets like...NOW ✨ 📸 by @allseeingmedia #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO 💜💪🏾✨
off with their heads 🧁🔪🎀 entire look by: ME 👑 photo by @lad_of_leisure 📸 #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO 💞💪🏾✨
throwback to this @rupaulsdragcon moment with @welovequeens/ @davidelaffe 🔥 also thank you @outmagazine for featuring me on this list of queens to follow amongst these other legends!! #IMINLOVEWITHMISSTOTO ♥️💪🏾✨

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