The 7 worst choices at every Fourth of July barbecue

3 BBQ Hacks You Need To Know This Summer
3 BBQ Hacks You Need To Know This Summer

Nothing screams "full-blown barbecue season" like Fourth of July weekend. And, in my opinion, how healthy (or not) you eat at such gatherings is more or less up to you. Even if you aren't the host, you can control how much you eat and even offer to bring a healthy dish with you. Just saying.

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But let's be honest: Sometimes you just don't care about eating healthy. It's a holiday; I get that. Some of your favorite dishes are offered and you just want them all. Fair enough. But if you at least want the option of eating healthy, it helps to know some of the nutrition facts about the not-so-healthy popular barbecue foods. Then you can decide what to do with this information. Maybe it helps you to choose differently, or maybe you are simply saving it for a rainy day.

While of course this list is not exhaustive, here are six foods and one beverage you're likely to come across this weekend that have particularly high calorie contents.

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