10 myths about mosquitoes debunked by experts

Mosquitoes have the reputation as some of the peskiest annoyances in the summer, but they are also among the deadliest.

"A lot of people are blasé about mosquitoes," Janis Reed, an entomology correspondent for Mosquito Squad, said. "They'll smack it on their leg and move on, but it's important to protect yourself and that doesn't mean just using a repellent, it's also important to follow other steps."

Other steps include using a fan to keep air moving, which will keep mosquitoes off your skin. A medium speed fan is fast enough to keep mosquitoes from flying around you, according to Reed. Using a fan is just one mosquito fact that many people are unfamiliar with. Here are 10 myths and their accompanying truths according to experts with Mosquito Squad.

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