Heading to New York? Treat yourself to these beauty treatments

Summer is officially here and that means we're putting our best selves forward. Living in New York City, means we're always on-the-go, leaving very little time for some TLC -- after all, it's the city that never sleeps.

From whitening treatments to wellness destinations and facials, these aren't your typical spa day scenarios. Think places that emphasize increased​ ​serotonin levels, an updated smile and non-invasive fat removals. We're rounding up all of the best beauty pit stops you'll want to make on your next NYC trip.

WHERE: Beauty Fix Medspa

WHAT: Microdermabrasion Facial: A gentle exfoliation process that gently sloughs off dead skin from the surface. This polishing treatment clears away dull, congested and lifeless skin to reveal a more youthful, polished and radiant look.

The spa's medical director Dr. Steve Falleks says his "favorite part of the treatment is how the gentle microdermabrasion tool is used to remove dead skin cells followed by high frequency to close down pores and kill bacterias. This is beneficial for oily or acne prone skin types. It delivers a clearer, smoother, softer and naturally radiant complexion."

We also love Beauty Fix Spa for its truSculpt -- the latest body sculpting treatment solution that treats the entire fat layer, resulting in an average of 24 percent fat reduction without surgical or invasive methods.

WHERE: Clean Market

WHAT: IV Drip and Booster Shot Lounge: Whether you're in need of a major cleanse and detox or are interested in increased​ ​serotonin levels, Clean Market offers a slew of services that cater to your wants and needs.

Not to mention, you can improve your hangover recovery ASAP!

WHERE: JBL New York City

WHAT: Teeth Whitening: Dr. Jonathan Levine is the master when it comes to fast and easy whitening results, perfect for those sensitive to pain. Levine's office is decked out in the utmost high-tech medical devices, so much so that patients get to wear a virtual reality headset throughout the appointment.

We also love JBL for its first-ever LipSync -- a 3D-infused process that seamlessly creates the most natural smile.

In collaboration with Oren Tepper (you might recognize his name from the headline-making 27-hour surgery that separated twin boys born joined at the head), the doctors have teamed up to offer patients a comprehensive approach that emphasizes one’s face, lips, mouth, and smile as a whole. As leading figures in 3D technology, Levine and Tepper use co-diagnostic software that focuses on the face, forecasting how a new lip length and tooth positioning can result in a more youthful look.


WHAT: The V-Steam: This relaxing, detoxifying spa treatment for your nether regions works to increases your libido, cleanses and revitalizes the uterus, effectively reducing discomfort associated with menstruation. If you want to feel sexy, this full steam treatment is calling your name.

Not to mention, some members of the "Real Housewives of New York" count themselves as fans of this modern-day spa.

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