Aldi now sells ice cream for dogs Editors

Stop what you're doing! Aldi is releasing ice cream specifically for dogs.

Summer after summer, our four-legged friends are forced to watch us enjoy tall swirled ice cream cones. Sometimes, you might let them have a lick or finish the leftovers, but now, we can let them join in on the fun in a way that's much more pet-safe.

Aldi's new Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will have your dog's tail wagging with excitement! The ice cream comes in two flavors—original and cheese & bac'n—and are made without artificial preservatives and are gluten-free. They're sold in a 4-pack with two tubs of each flavor and cost only $3.

Heart to Tail Dog Ice Cream will be sold in-stores starting June 26, but according to Delish, it's being released as an Aldi Find. In other words, this is a seasonal, limited release and there's no saying how long it will remain on store shelves.

So for the sake of your dog, pick some up while you can.

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