My Unique House: Man transforms home into a playground for stray cats

Welcome to My Unique House, a weekly video series that profiles the most unconventional homes around the country and their equally interesting owners. Check back next week for another wild story, from a mermaid-inspired bungalow, an old airplane transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad and an entire house dedicated to cats.

For more than three decades, Peter Cohen has been rescuing and fostering cats in his Santa Barbara home.

A builder by trade, he's been renovating his home to make room for his new furry friends. By adding an open floor plan, catwalks connecting every room and murals, the cat lover has created a sanctuary that now proudly houses 24 cats. His home is aptly called the "House of Nekko," which is Japanese for "House of Cats."

“When people see our house they often think it’s crazy or over the top," he said to AOL Lifestyle. "Most of my friends appreciate it, though I don’t think they would live here themselves. But for me, this is heaven.”

The fully-fledged playground also includes endless scratching posts, a koi pond, 22 litter boxes and a spinning wheel for his beloved companions. His cats even have their own YouTube channel, where Cohen provides a 24/7 live stream, an effort he hopes will raise awareness about his non-profit Zen by Cats. He explained, "Zen by Cat is a nonprofit I created to fight this horrific disease called FIP. It currently kills roughly two percent of all felines in the world."

See more of Cohen's unique home in the video above! 

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